"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future"

DaintyXS is a blog dedicated to all things small and beautiful aka Petite but no less perfect :)

Hello My Lovelies x

Hello my little lovelies :) Seeing as this blog is only in the preliminary stages of production and was only launched yesterday I thought it best to introduce myself properly!

My name is Kate, i’m 20 years old, and i’m a 3rd year student studying East Asian Studies in England, UK! I’m naturally brunette but have been blonde for the past year and don’t plan on changing it! I’m no fashion expert but like most girls love buying and experimenting with new styles and if I had to describe my style currently it would most likely be the smart tailored look so mainly monochrome colours, blazers, ankle grazer trousers, pumps/flats and bold accessories… Oh and I don’t go anywhere without my Hamsa Hand necklace(s) which are a sign of protection and defence!

My loves include: Diet Coke, Action movies, Reading, Billy Connoly, and my puppy Stanley! My dislikes include: rude people, early mornings and tv soaps!

Ok so there you go a mini intro/about me :)

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What does Petite actually mean? (And Nice to Meet You)

Ok so from what i’ve found over the years, many people are under the impression that Petite means size zero/size four super skinny mini! Which of course we all know is utter pish!

Petite refers primarily to the smaller height of the person NOT the weight. 

A person receives the honorary title of “Petite” when they are measured to be 5”3 or under; a surprisingly large amount of the worlds population although difficult to measure because we are difficult to see :P haha just kidding, but seriously there are a lot of us out there!

I currently stand at 5”2, and am therefore Petite! However as much as I would like to jump for joy, us petiter’s (yes i made that up) have a long standing battle on our hands! Yes many people are envious of our stature because we can always use it to our advantage to get help from that cute guy in the supermarket when we can’t reach the top shelf :p however we are more envious of the “average persons”   huge choice of clothing in the fashion world!

Ever notice that only a select few major fashion retailers stock petite clothing and the one’s that do, allocate us a mere handful of item’s all small in size but not tailored to our dimensions! What I mean by this is simple: a pair of wide legged 60’s style trousers may look good on a 6ft+ model but put them on me, and well you have a disaster on your hands!! 

So having only just started this blog i’m probably, no DEFINITELY just ranting to myself here but you’ve got to start somewhere right :) and I want to start here on daintyxs the petite revolution, so please get on board and message me whatever you like, be it a horror story of you in some clothing, or some advice on where to shop, everything is helpful! 

Thank you my little lovelies


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"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future"

J.R.R  Tolkien

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